Cruising For a Bruising – Or Time For a Financial Management Course

Maybe he’ll be fine again. The markets have steadily recovered. The Dow is up more than 50% since its March 2009 lows. The ASX has also behaved similarly. Who Needs Financial Management? of course while cruising?

But will it last? There are conflicting views about recovery. People are still losing their jobs. interest payments or keep their finances afloat.

Many “experts” believe this could simply be the calm before the storm and the Dow could fall back to new lows. creepy stuff Does that make you nervous about your investment portfolio or your retirement plans? Retired or nearing retirement, the last thing you want right now is another blow that you may never recover from.

And what about your financial advisor? Has your portfolio been revised or changed since it went down? Chances are your financial advisor hasn’t touched you because the idea of ​​crystallizing losses in some of the mutual funds or managed funds you own would be too. uncomfortable to look at. He also likely has monies in a frozen real estate fund that still looks like a lost boxer on fight night. If you want a better night’s sleep, it’s time to take charge of your finances through a financial management course. Since you don’t have your financial advisor’s skills and experience in investing, risk, asset allocation and all the other financial terms he or she throws at you, the only way to take control is to educate yourself through proper financial management of course.

Financial advisors follow traditional asset allocation models and use traditional and popular managed funds or mutual funds. Many of these traditional global funds still invest in US or European companies. You’re heading down a new path and need to get in if you want to avoid another bruise. How many international mutual funds or managed funds do you have in your investment portfolio?

What percentage of them still invest in US or European companies? Where do you see growth in the next 5, 10 or 20 years? ee USA or China? UK or India? This is why you need a financial management course.

Your financial advisor simply recommends traditional investments and managed funds that follow traditional asset allocation. You need a financial management course that will teach you the fundamentals of financial literacy and give you the power and confidence to fire your advisor and take control of your own future and finances. You need expert, independent, unbiased and up-to-date information and education about the upcoming economic times, opportunities to look out for and which markets to invest in.

Don’t jeopardize the future of your investments. Please visit my website below for a list of available financial management courses that can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in the times to come.