Christmas Lists – Teach Your Child How To Write One

It’s a really good idea for your child to write a Christmas list. A Christmas list is a simple, linear list which is written by a child (or their parent if the child is too young to read and write), the purpose of which is to not only get your child excited about Christmas and their Christmas presents but to also teach them skills. The skills that children are most likely to learn from writing a Christmas list, apart from the obvious reading and writing skills, are organisational skills and skills that pertain to prioritising items. I bring up the concept of prioritising because we should teach our children that they can only have a certain amount of toys and not to be greedy.

They should only choose the toys that they really want. Obviously as parents we should add some of our own toys into the mix too. This makes sure that they receive surprises as well as the actual toys and games that they choose themselves. Everyone loves surprises right? Another point I should make is that parents should always include a good mixture of different toys for different purposes which stimulate different types of learning. This will ensure that a child gets a good, well-rounded range of stimuli for their development. The toys should also be appropriate for their age group and gender.

The Christmas list can just basically be a sheet of paper written in pen, pencil or crayon. There is no particular limit to the number of toys that you should encourage your child to write on the list but, as previously mentioned, it might be a good idea to teach them how to prioritise the actual toys that they want. You could perhaps teach your child to write numbers next to the toys and write them down in order of priority. I remember being a child and writing a daft Christmas list and then transferring it over to a fresh sheet of paper once I was happy with the contents. I had crossed certain toys off and then had a definitive list of toys that I really wanted. The process was very fulfilling and exciting. I enjoyed writing my Christmas lists each and every year very much indeed.