Choosing A Mobile Chicken Coop

A mobile chicken coop is a good alternative is you are at least pickle-minded about where to put your newly bought chicken coop. Why choose a mobile chicken coop instead of standard chicken houses? Well, some people would like to try out raising chickens, to see if it is meant for them. For these people, building a stable chicken coop attached to the ground would be a large task especially if they decide afterwards not to raise chickens at all. At least, with the portable chicken coop, they can easily take it away or disassemble it if they do not want to pursue the idea of raising chickens. While some who are just starting to breed chickens or even just want to have chickens for their own consumption would want to have a good location that will best suit the chickens so it is better to have a portable coop in order to easily transfer it from one place to another when needed.

Advantages of putting up a mobile chicken coop:

· This is the best option if you are just beginning to start raising chicken. Most of the time breeders start with a small number of chickens and eventually it grows from there. Most of the time, they would want to test the water first before embarking into it for good. A portable coop is a good option because you can easily remove it if you don’t want to continue raising chickens.

· It is also quite easy to build and will not cost much. There are design plans included in the set. You can also find designs in the Internet for a more customized coop for your chickens.

· Portable coops do not require too much space and they are light enough to be transferred from one place to another. The owner can move it to a higher place if he wants to protect his chickens from wet grounds or even put it out on the ground if he wants the chickens to catch a bit of sunlight.

· A mobile chicken coop is normally made of bolts, pins or snaps that are connected together. This way it can be easily assembled or disassembled by the owner.

· It is easy to clean because normally it includes an open bottom. Thus you just move it to a new location and clean the old spot. Obviously, you will still need to do some cleaning inside the coop, but not so much as with a traditional one.

· Look for quality materials. Since you can transfer your portable chicken coop from one place to another, you have to make sure that your coop is not only light-weight but at the same time durable enough to withstand the constant transport.