China Promotes Chinese Teaching in Australia

On August 10th, Australia New South Wales(NSW) education department and Chinese national overseas Chinese teaching office signed a cooperation understanding memorandum, preparing to promote Chinese teaching in New South Wales primary and secondary schools in answer to these schools’ urgent demand for learning Chinese.

Xu Lin, the director of national overseas Chinese teaching office, said, “Overseas schools have strong demand for Chinese teaching. Many students and parents longs for opening Chinese courses, but currently it is short of Chinese teachers. Its supply falls short of demand.

She said, “National overseas Chinese teaching office and Australia New South Wales education department signed a cooperation understanding memorandum, hoping to promote Chinese education in New South Wales and set up “Confucius classroom”. Currently, the Chinese teaching materials are mainly about the things that happened in China. The two parties together will design and develop the localized Chinese teaching materials that adapt to Australian local language cultural environment.”

Xu Lin stressed, “With the development of Chinese economy, Chinese education has become a world opportunity.” Generally speaking, listening and speaking of Chinese are relatively easy, and writing is the most difficult thing in learning Chinese. But Xu Lin assumed that Chinese writing is not difficult and its grammar is simpler than English grammar. According to a survey conducted by Chinese education department, in common mediae, you only need to master the 580 characters, you can deal with it freely.

Shi Shuangyuan, the director assistant of Sydney education bureau, said, ” NSW education department recognizes the importance of Chinese education to next generation and prepares to promote it in primary and secondary schools. The content of the memorandum includes: the programs of Confucius classrooms, bilingual schools, Chinese culture center and Chinese volunteers; developing students’ exchanges between NSW and China; setting up sister schools; enforcing high level mutual visits.”

Professor Shi Shuangyuan disclosed: according to the elementary plan, New South Wales will set up 3 Confucius classrooms and a bilingual school. The Confucius classroom will be located in Sydney, acting as trial “seed classrooms”. And then this classroom will be set up in schools in whole New South Wales. It has great significance.