Cats Make Perfect Pets

With three beautiful female cats demanding my attention for most of the day one has to say that they are a lot more than just good company. They are lovers that cuddle into me when I am in need of some gentle care and they are quite when peace is called for. They don’t need walking like a dog or make that much of a fuss when left alone.

Because they produce wonderful kittens they are full-time mums. The babies are pampered and adored and are sold to families who likewise will appreciate them.

The kittens are normally around 2 ounces when born but quickly grow and put on weight. By the time they are five weeks old they weigh around half a kilo and have adorable ways of looking at people. Their eyes are always blue, as are all babies in the first weeks of life. Their fur also quickly grows to cover their tiny bodies in protective blankets provided by nature.

They make few demands except to have fresh water, their litter trays emptied, and their food bowls full. The blankets and cushions they sleep on are washed every few days and the room where they are kept is cleaned regularly with the floor mopped over.

Cats are far more accommodating in a house situation than dogs or other pets. They are very clean and wash themselves rather than having to be bathed. They leave no smell in the house and once toilet trained they are very fussy where they do their little jobs. For older people as well as the youngest child they have a way of adapting and loving whatever situation they find themselves in.

Responsible breeders usually ensure that the homes they go to are suitable. They are vet checked to ensure good health and micro-chipped, which is now law in parts of Australia. That ensures that if they are lost or stolen they can be returned to their rightful owners.

Of all the pets one can have the cat is definitely high on the list as one of the best. There is no better companion than a warm, snugly, purring bundle that will take over the key board when you are typing, talk to your phone call visitor, nudge you awake when you accidentally fall asleep in your chair or curl up and sleep with you. They don’t bark and are generally fairly quiet making little noise as their padded paws hit the floor.