Building a Chicken Coop Is in The Forefront As The Economy Worsens

Many average, ordinary, everyday folks are planning to build a chicken coop in response to the current economic conditions.

The fact is that a lot of these folks are thinking beyond the current economic crisis. They are thinking about how to feed their families if the worst happens. So they are planning to build a portable coop that can be moved easily if necessary.

Your local book store is having trouble keeping books that contain chicken coop information because of the increased interest in these books.

People have a variety of reasons why they should build a chicken coop. If you are concerned about how to feed your family if you lose your job, it would be wise to build a coop.

Making contingency arrangements in the current economic environment is a wise idea. For many people this includes building a chicken coop.

Unfortunately, you may run into problems building a chicken coop in your community. The neighbors may not be too happy with your plans.

The way a neighborhood is protected against what they consider undesirable activities, such as raising livestock, is by having covenants and restrictions that forbid it. Since chickens are considered livestock, you cannot raise chickens in this neighborhood. Breaking the restrictions often carry severe penalties.

Therefore, you should be aware of the likely response of your neighbors about having chickens in their proximity. You are part of that community, that’s where you live. If you break the restriction against livestock, you can expect that action will be taken against you, including legal action.

The reaction of your neighbors against you raising chickens in your backyard is likely to be negative, even if there are no covenants against live stock. To make things worse, chickens are not known for being quiet animals.

Also, consider the need for land.

Another big concern will be whether you have enough land to raise chickens. Is the size of your property sufficient to provide for chickens? In addition to the chicken coops, even if they are not very large, you will need to consider whether you have enough space for chickens to roam.

Why Build a Small Chicken Coop

One good reason is that a small chicken coop will not require much land to set up. A portable chicken coop is ideal. You should be able to do this if your lot is of a reasonable size.

In many neighborhoods people often do not interact with their neighbors so in such an area you may be able to have a chicken coop on your lot without anyone complaining.

The big surprise may well be to find out that some of your neighbors are just as concerned about the current economy, and that they want to build their own chicken coop as well.

What are the underlying reasons for so many people these days wanting to build a portable chicken coop?

It’s Plain and simple: Fear.

Fear is a powerful motive. There is so much uncertainty stemming from the weak economy, that it affects retirement funds, the stock market and worse yet, the value of the dollar.

Images of what happened in Germany in the early part of the last century, when people would go to the market with wheelbarrows filled with cash to buy basic food items with a currency that had lost practically all its value are hard to dispel.

It’s a frightening thought. In such times, food and other basic necessities are used as currency. You basically revert to a barter economy. Therefore, foresighted people see the need to prepare and plan to build a chicken coop now while there is still time.

These foresighted people will be sought after when the shortages come, but they themselves will be able to feed their families. Their foresight will pay off in a way that is hard to conceive right now.

They will be saving their own family from starvation, and perhaps be able to help friends and family as well.