Breeding Kittens and Spreading Joy

They are the most beautiful little creatures and at some stage most people want one in their lives to cuddle and love. They relieve loneliness and boredom as they grow and take over the home. They are there to greet their owners no matter how long they may have been absent and they can look after themselves to a large extent.

My kittens are always indoor born and bred. New owners are encouraged to maintain this for their future upbringing. That means they will not be annoying neighbours, are always safe and well cared for, and outdoor accidents are avoided.

Dogs chase and attack cats if they catch them. There is no more horrendous sight than seeing the chase across roads where both are oblivious to oncoming traffic. Many an animal is killed in this way. Many dogs will rip their prey to pieces, as often happens before someone comes calling for another cat.

The care breeders put into their stock is important. In my case all my animals are cross-bred so as to avoid genetic problems, such as hip dysplasia, problems with knees or paws, and other things ranging from malfunctioning brains to all types of thyroid conditions. A good breeder provides the name of the vet where health checks are conducted and micro-chips are inserted.

My owners also receive a large set of instructions on how to rear the kitten properly and to continue in the same way as they have been reared to that stage. Information received back from the new owners is important to tell me that the homes they have gone into are good environments and they are being well looked after. All my kittens go home with a bunny rug that has the smell of the house and their siblings on them. This is all good management and spreads a lot of joy throughout the community.