Blade 450 RC Helicopter Review

Blade 450 Review

First I want to say flying heli’s is a fantastic and very addictive hobby. If you are not already a flying enthusiast you will be well on your way after flying the Blade 450 helicopter. I am telling you this heli definitely does not disappoint.

This is an out of the box ready to fly awesome helicopter for the intermediate to advanced heli pilot. The Blade 450 helicopter collective pitch helicopter is relatively durable, somewhat inexpensive, and reasonably easy to fly…NOT for the beginner though.

Although it comes with a charger and battery fitted with alligator clips you can hook to your car battery. You will need to purchase a power supply adapter to charge it from a household electric outlet.

If you are moving from an indoor coaxial heli or getting started for the first time, depending on your skill level I would suggest using a simulator to get a little training before flying your helicopter on its maiden voyage. Although these helicopters are pretty durable and fixable after a crash, you can limit the frustration by doing a little pre-training on a simulator.

If you are a beginner you might want to start out with a less expensive indoor coaxial heli learn the basics of flying a helicopter and then move up to the MCX, MSR or 120SR. Once you have mastered these then flying the Blade 450 3D learning curve will be much less and your experience will be more enjoyable and less expensive.

The Blade 450 3D helicopter is a very stable machine andit flies well with a 5-8 mph wind. The DXi transmitter included with the 450 3D helicopter is very easy to use and is a great change of pace from the usual transmitter included in most RTF kits. This control unit is intuitive and the menus are easy to navigate. The belt drive tail is equipped with the new MEMS gyro making it very solid.

Most of the parts for the Blade 450 3D are made of plastic although the main rotor blades are made of wood. Some of the smaller parts are made of metal. The pros and cons here are this makes the helicopter more durable and if you break a part it is more affordable to replace and repair. The major con is that plastic causes the unit to flex some and is undesirable for the helicopter pilot in search of absolute precision. For the hobby pilot this has no effect. For the price you pay for this helicopter it is an excellent buy.

In conclusion, I would recommend this helicopter to any intermediate to experienced heli pilot wanting to move up and get into collective pitch helicopters.