Best Beaches in Casablanca

Dakhla, Essaouira and El Hoceima, visitors know about these famous beaches but not only are these the spots that can make you feel amazing. In Casa, there are many places and beaches that are second to none in their splendid sights.

The beautiful Mohammedia:
The Monica beach is 20km north from Casablanca where the environment is clean and overall less crowded. Traveling through the train, the time will be 20min and by using a big taxi, it will take 25min. If you take the train, you’ll have to take again a small taxi to Monica beach as it’s relatively distant from the train station.

There are numerous beaches, more and less crowded. Absolutely favorite is Monica beach for many tourists and it’s not so congested and tourist-invaded. The beach is rough, some say it’s not safe to go to wild beaches in Morocco as they are not protected. It’s appreciable that the wild ones are calmer as they are unspoiled, passive and fresh. Favorable, nature is intact and lovely! Monica beach is full of rocks, its sand is soft and bright. There are also sandbanks where you can hike and see the ocean from above.

The Tamaris beach is located 20 km south of Casablanca and some say it is also in Casablanca. For approaching the beach, it is preferable that you may own your car, as public carriage in Tamaris doesn’t exist. You can effort also white shared taxi from near Morocco Mall but they will drop you off in the city Centre. No trains are available to go to Tamaris.

In history, Tamaris was a simple village some years ago but currently, it’s a resort for the Caseous who want to adore their weekends and morocco holidays 2017 in their private villas by the coastline.

During the summer season beaches in Tamaris are relatively crowded than the other seasons. Babylon beach is the most well-known one but also many don’t like it there.

There are about further places to chill out – any’s preferred one is the cliff by the cafe. The beach is hidden behind the cliff so it’s quite friendly and the cafe with swipes is just close.

The El Jadida beach:
The great beach of the great country is located just 100km south of Casablanca city. If you want to approach this beach then the Transport like train will take one hour, shared taxi from Route de Jadida or a car will take 30 or 45 minutes. Once you reach to Jadida using community transport, you’ll have to take an insignificant taxi to Houzia beach.