Any Time Is A Bhutan Trip Time

A tour of Bhutan is sure to be more than a holiday – it can well be a soul-churning experience in the midst of the lush green valleys and the uniquely preserved pristine natural environment. You have every opportunity to go hiking, biking, on a meditative tour or a daredevil adventure along its fast flowing rivers.

The best season

If you wish to Travel to Bhutan to have the refreshing experience of trekking the virgin heights, autumn that is from late September to November is an ideal time. The clear skies and pleasant temperature will add to the charm of the rich nature. The other favorable time is from March to May, that is in Spring when you can enjoy the rhododendrons and magnolias in their resplendent bloom in the mountains.The temperature of the Kingdom of Bhutan is largely dominated by the altitudes, and the lower altitude trekking is best done during winters.

The Spring idyllic

In case you wish to opt for trekking the unspoiled and breathtaking scenery of Bhutan by exploring the Druk Path, where you can ascend through the apple orchards, and the also enjoy the snow-capped Himalaya, April to May is the ideal time. Despite the pleasant weather, it is necessary to be prepared for the odd mountain shower.The flora and fauna are both abundant with the black-neck cranes migrating to the Phobjika Valley around late October that stay till mid-February when the climate begins to become hotter.

Watch the amazing festivals

Spring and autumn are also the perfect time to have the full experience of the festivals of this mountain kingdom. The two major festivals are that of spectacular Paro Tsechu that takes place in March or in April and the Thimphu Tsechu taking place in September. These are occasions when the mask sporting and costumed performers carry out the ritual dance to attract the foreign guests. These are the peak visiting seasons of Bhutan and hotel accommodations are full with guests and the charges at their highest too.

Enjoy the hill monsoons

June to the end of September is the monsoon period, but the rains predominate the afternoons for a couple of hours only. This is considered as the off-season for Travel to Bhutan when flight rates and the hotel rates both drop down making extensive travel through the mountainous and beautiful terrain more affordable. There are cultural programs almost every month that you can also enjoy and will not miss out much of the pomp and show of the Tsechu.

The rare winter experience

If you are planning to savor a rare experience of exploring the land during winters from December to February, the temperature is likely to range from 15 to 200 centigrade during the daytime. It is also a dry period making extensive travel possible. However, the evenings are likely to be cold, and you will have to be adequately prepared in case you are planning to embark on a hiking trip.–value-to-your-money—2022