A Review of Mike Dillard’s Network Marketing Magnetic Sponsoring Book

In his book, “Magnetic Sponsoring,” Mike Dillard teaches you, the network marketer, how to apply the proper marketing strategies that will turn you into a magnetic sponsor.

Though the “Magnetic Sponsoring” book only prints out 49 pages of content, it does not teach network marketers how to promote their business step by step. It is a guide, not an exact step by step road map. I can compare the Magnetic Sponsoring book to a conversation Neo and Morpheus had concerning a woman known as “The Oracle” in “The Matrix” the movie 1999.

The dialog went like this:

“Neo: So is this the same Oracle that made the prophecy?

Morpheus: Yes. She’s very old. She’s been with us since the beginning.


Neo: The beginning?

Morpheus: Of the resistance.

Neo: And she knows what, everything?

Morpheus: She would say she knows enough.

Neo: And she’s never wrong.

Morpheus: Try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong. She is a guide, Neo. She can help you to find the path.

Neo: She helped you?

Morpheus: Yes.

Neo: What did she tell you?

Morpheus: That I would find the One. I told you I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it.”

In a book like this, the information has to be generic and serve as a guide designed to help the network marketer to become a magnetic sponsor, but he/she has to “walk through the door” and apply the information contained therein.

Mike Dillard, once a surgeon recruiter for many hospitals quit his job and became a table waiter in order to pursue his career in network marketing. After discovering the proper use of positioning, and “sellucation” his term for the art of self-selling through education, sponsored 35 personal reps. and grew his organization to over 500 within just months and averaged over $500,000 dollars per year in volume sales.

Today he spends his time and efforts teaching network marketers the proper strategies of marketing and magnetic sponsoring, as well as serving as a marketing consultant to industry leaders.

In “Magnetic Sponsoring,” I found out that the strategy of the ABC business model is the most valuable a networker can learn. Mike doesn’t just tell you what Part A, Part B, or Part C is. He teaches you how to apply that principle in your MLM business,network marketing business, internet marketing business, or what ever you want to call it in order to keep your business running, and to make sure there is constant cash flow, and growth.