6 of the Best Home Staging Ideas We Could Find on the Internet

Once you’ve found a top-notch real estate agent and started the home sale process, it might be time to think about staging. No matter how neat and tidy you keep your home, staging a home will help you sell faster and more profitably. 
While there are professional staging companies, you can tackle the process yourself so long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Keep reading for some of the best DIY tips to stage your home that we’ve found on the internet. 
Deep clean both inside and out
While this may seem simple, the cleanliness of your property will be one of the biggest factors in determining the closing price. When it comes to the housing market, people do judge the book by its cover, so you’ll need to ensure your cover is as neat and tidy as possible.
This includes both your interior and exterior. Buyers start judging your home the second they pull up to the property, so manicure the lawn, clear the gutters, power wash your siding, wash the windows, and do everything in your power to ensure your home is as neat and tidy as possible.

There’s not always space to store your belongings if you’re attempting to sell your home at the same time you’re buying, however, do your best to remove excess clutter from your home before selling.
Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, spaciousness is key as buyers search for new homes, and decluttering is the best way to add space to a home without building extra square footage. 
Show off your closets and storage
While closets and storage spaces are definitely not the most appealing aspects of your home, you’ll still want to show these areas off. Just be careful not to present cluttered storage spaces. The more you have stuffed into these areas, the less spacious they’ll appear.
Clean out your closets, add some storage shelves if necessary, and ensure these areas appear as organized and decluttered as possible.

Choose neutral paints
This is less a suggestion than a rule when it comes to home staging. If your walls are painted unconventional colors, you’ll likely scare off more buyers than you’ll attract. 
Buyers need to picture themselves in your property, so you’ll need to allow them to do so by ensuring your property is as neutral as possible. 
Don’t forget a pop of color 
While neutral wall colors might be best, you don’t want your buyers feeling as though they’re walking through a hospital. Plants and succulents are great for adding pops of color, as well as throw pillows, paintings, rugs, and pottery. Colors like reds, greens, and blues work well to contrast with neutral backdrops. 

Draw attention to what makes your home unique 
If you want buyers noticing a unique aspect of your home, add focal points that’ll draw the eye. These focal points are designed to tell your buyer where to look. For example, hang an eye-catching painting over your fireplace mantel or place succulents over your farmhouse sink. This will encourage buyers to focus on these areas rather than the problem areas of your home that aren’t quite so appealing.
You’re bound to get tons of attention on your property with these staging techniques, so talk to your realtor today to start looking for a new property to call home.