5 Tips to Ace Biology

One of the most scoring subjects in the CBSE HSC syllabus, biology occupies a special place in every student’s heart. They make special efforts so that they score the highest marks in this subject, which help them to greatly enhance their final percentages. So if you wish to increase your final score, biology is your best bet. Read on to find 5 tips to ace biology.

1. Do your homework:

It is always preferable to read what your next biology class is about beforehand. This will help you to mentally prepare and grasp what your teacher says in your next class. You may feel it to be cumbersome due to lack of time, but it is of great help. Even a casual reading is enough to get a feel of the subject matter. Reading before hand will help you to relate much better to your biology instructor.

2. Practicals:

Teachers stress upon the importance of practicals in biology. The reason is biology is a subject that requires hands on experience. It is imperative that you concentrate on practicals and live demonstrations, so that you will understand and relate the concepts better. Just mugging up the concepts will not help. If you mug up, there is a chance that you will forget in the final exams. HSC study materials are designed in such a way that students get ample exposure to practicals as well. Getting practical experience will retain it to your memory for a long time.

3. Be a front bencher:

It is not without reason that front benchers are considered to be the most studious. Sitting in the front row enhances your concentration and narrows your focus. You will hear the teacher better, read what is on the board clearer, and cope with very less distractions. It is also a great way to build a rapport with the teacher as in house marks also count a lot in your final tally. The professor may even recommend you for your disciplined studies. So start sitting in the front benches.

4. Revision:

Revision for any subject is of utmost importance and biology is no exception. Revise biological concepts and practicals as much as you can. You can take the time between lectures to review and revise notes, study materials and class notes. The revision will help you to strengthen your concepts to a greater extent. It will be at your finger tips and you would recollect them any time you want. Every teacher instructs their students to revise as much as possible. It is preferable to allocate a time regularly only for revision. It will give you consistency. You can revise with the help of CBSE online learning materials, which can be a change for you.